#Home – Malayalam Movie Review, IMDb 9.1

#Home is a Malayalam movie directed by Rojin Thomas released on Amazon Prime video on 18th August 2021. It is a simple feel-good movie. The film stars Indrans, Sreenath Bhasi, Manju Pillai, Vijay Babu, Naslen, Deepa Thomas. The film has got positive reviews from everywhere. It is purely an Indrans show. The film deals with the story of a modular family which talks about whom we must care about the most? It depicts the tight and loose chords of family relations. The film also talks about a major subject, Mobile Phones and Us. The characters played by Johny Antony and Vijay Babu also requires a special mention.

#Home Movie Poster

The story goes on with a father, Oliver Twist(Indrans) tries to connect with his elder son Antony(Sreenath Bhasi) who doesn’t care much about his family’s existence. To avoid a lag feel in the film, the director has added many simple jokes that fill our minds with joy and keep us engaging (duration:161 minutes). For most of the youngsters, the Film has got some deep connections with their the life and will surely help to know at what position they are at now and that is simply the success of this movie. The movie goes on with some events happening in the life of Antony who is a movie director. Even though the climax is cliche, it deeply affects our emotions. The film features the concept of generation gap and importance of one’s mental health quite remarkably.

Indrans as Oliver Twist

According to us #Home is a Must watch, a simple, soulful Family movie which our whole family can laugh and cry happy tears through together. The songs and backgrounds scores are also excellent. The Cast selection also feels perfect.

IMDb – 9.1/10

Times Of India – 3.5/5

Our Rating – 4/5

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