KURUP – a Compelling Biopic of a Criminal

Kurup is a Malayalam movie by Srinath Rajendran released on 12th November 2021. The film was released on about 400+ screens and was hyped as the comeback of the theatre industry after the Covid Lockdown imposed on Kerala. The Movie features Dulquer Salman, Sobhita Dhulipala, Shine Tom Chacko, Indrajith Sukumaran, Sunny Wayne. The film revolves around the life of Sudhakara Kurup (Dulquer Salman) and his cunning techniques of earning money. Dulquer, Shine tom and Indrajith performances were exceptional. The BGMs from Sushin Shyam and dialogues from KS Aravind was also up to the mark.

Dulquer Salman as Kurup

Sudhakara Kurup (Originally Sukuamara Kurup) is a well known and most wanted fugitive ever in the history of the Kerala Police Department. He is a man who has a never-ending thirst for money. The story is a little bit hard to tell but the film fills each and every audience with suspense and thrill. The movie goes on with the conman kurup’s various crooked methods to earn money and his exceptionally brilliant plans to escape from the cases thus created. The film is set on the timeline of 1970-1980s and progresses till the early 2000s. The movie shows the story of Kurup, who, after escaping from an army camp, becomes a well-paid emigrant and later a fugitive. The Vintage Disposition of the movie also feels perfect.

Kurup Poster

Before the release, the film had faced many negative comments as it was about to Praise a Deadly Criminal but the film has completely overthrown all such kinds of perceptions. Even if the movie is a biopic it has got lots of fictional elements. Those who have finished watching the movie can realize that no part of kurup movie turns out to be complimenting the Real Culprit, Sukumara Kurup. The climax of the movie ignites many uncertainties in the minds of spectators but turns out to be quite an appreciable work from the director and scriptwriter.

Kurup is a movie that can be a compulsive watch. It’s an above-average movie that has got a slow-paced first half and an engaging second half. Other than a few Screenplay errors the Technical Department of the movie is exceptional. Songs and DOP also got a positive impact on the movie. According to us, the movie is a well-packed crime-thriller that deserves a theatre watch.

IMDb – 8.9/10

Times Of India – 3.5/5

Our Rating – 3.5/5

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