Root Access Without Rooting

Rooting is still something people are sceptical about doing, in most cases you will void your warranty and there are a lot of myths floating around that says you’ll completely destroy your phone, so most people just stay away from rooting, but most of us have faced instances that require root access, whether it be for recovering that precious picture that we accidentally deleted or for anything else, or to try out some awesome applications that only worked on rooted devices.

Worry no more you can have root access without going through the hassle of the rooting process or the worry of losing your warranty/bricking your phone.

This application (VMOS), let’s you install a virtual machine on your smartphone that has root access. This is perfect for users who wants to test out root applications without actually rooting their phone.

Root access

Here are the steps on how you can get root access with VMOS.

First Download VMOS from the link below (the app was previously available on the play store but was later removed, this link is to their website)


Now install and open the app, allow installation from unknown sources or you’ll not be able to install the app. It’s going to take a while for it to open for the first time.

After it boots up open it’s settings and select system settings.

Open Settings and select System Settings

Scroll down and select About phone and tap on the build number several times till developer option is enabled.

Tap on build number several times to enable developer options

Now go to developer options, you’ll find the option to turn on root access there, turn it on and restart VMOS you’ll get root.

You Have Root!

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Abhiram Sreekumar:

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