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Aadu Jeevitham – The Magnum Opus of Mollywood! New Malayalam Movie Review 2024!

Aadu Jeevitham – The Goat Life, is a Malayalam film directed by Blessy released on 28th March, 2024. During this peaking era of Mollywood, this movie definitely adds another great success to the industry. The movie’s cast consists of Prithviraj in the lead role with Amala Paul, Gokul, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Talib al Balushi etc. It was one of the most awaited Films from the industry, and it certainly lived up to expectations. The film has got positive responses whole over and also has collected a enormous sum of more than 100 crores world wide in just 9 days becoming the fastest mollywood movie to reach the 100 CR milestone.

Aadu Jeevitham Poster

Aadu Jeevitham is the story of Najeeb, a lower middle class person from kerala, dreams of getting a job in the gulf countries, but turns up into forced slavery there. The movie is an adaptation of a Novel by Benyamin with the same title, which is based on real incidents. The movie is highly emotional with many touching scenes. Despite the challenges of condensing the entire novel into a film, Blessy has unquestionably crafted a masterpiece, leading to rumors of potential Oscar nominations. Prithviraj has once again solidified his position in the industry with a stellar performance and is also being rumoured for many awards. His dedication for the film can be seen clearly in the movie. Gokul and Talib al Balushi also delivers impressive performances in the movie.

The director and crew worked on Aadu Jeevitham for nearly 16 years, and it ended up being a really amazing masterpiece. All technical aspects of the movie including the editing, background scores, cinematography etc feels so perfect. Several scene-to-scene transitions in the movie are top notch. AR Rahman with the BGMs has also put forward a career best performance. The frames by Sunil KS(DOP) were also outstanding and commendable. The film has a duration about 3 hrs, having a possible lag which is common to such movie, but it still manages to keep the audience quite engaged.

Prithviraj in Aadu Jeevitham

The major positive about the film is that each person who watches the movie is experiencing it in the POV of Najeeb. The director’s success lies in their ability to evoke such strong emotions in the audience, making them feel the character’s pain, helplessness, and solitude as if it were their own. The director’s work sparks empathy in the audience, often moving them to tears.

Overall Aadujeevitham is an Emotionally connecting, technically brilliant film by Blessy and deserves a theatre watch. The film is already been considered as the best survival thriller of the industry. As it is said in the movie, “The Life we have not experienced is just a Fable to us”.

IMDb – 8.8/10

IndiaToday – 3/5

Our Rating – 4/5

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