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Aavesham – A High Octane Entertainer in Mollywood! New Malayalam Movie review 2024

Aavesham is a Malayalam Action-Comedy Film directed by Jithu Madhavan released on 11th April 2024. The film’s major cast includes Fahad Fasil, Mithun Jai Shankar, Hipszter, Roshan Shanavas, Sajin Gopu, and Mansoor Ali Khan. Expectations soared high, when Fahad Fasil, Anwar Rasheed (Producer), and Jithu Madhavan joined hands on a project, and it indeed proved to be a standout in the industry. The film has got tremendous positive responses and has reportedly collected more than 4 crores from India in the first day itself.

Aavesham Poster

Aavesham is the story of three engineering students who seeks the help of a local gangster named Ranga to retaliate against seniors who had assaulted them, leading to a series of both humorous and chilling events. Even though the plot is not a great one, the main positive of the film is the remarkable perfomances itself, which keeps the movie engaging with Jithu’s story.

The film, as a whole is a complete one man show by Fahad in a never seen avatar, and without any doubt, it is one of the career best performance from him. Ranga, Fahad’s character, is a quirky gangster who enjoys being admired by all, yet he also exhibits a terrifyingly cruel side. Despite being debutants on the big screen, Mithun, Hipszter, and Roshan showcased remarkable acting skills. Sajin Gopu’s performance was also highly entertaining. All of them were highly energetic and had a great comedic timing throughout the film.

Fahad as Ranga

After the sensational hit ‘Romancham’, Jithu Madhavan in his second directional venture, delivered another wonderful entertainer to the industry. Jithu can be seen quite consistent with the style of humour that he used in both his films, which elevates a heartly laughter among all of the audience. Each and every humour elements in the story, created a laughter riot in the theatres.

The Music Director, Sushin Shyam, after Manjummel Boys, again surprises us with brilliant musical works that creates a festive mood for the audience. The action choreography, led by Chethan Dsouza, deserves significant praise with each fight sequence surpassing the last. Sameer Thahir’s cinematography and Vivek Harshan’s editing also was exceptional. The from beginning to end, the film managed to keep the audience engaged and excited.

Overall, Aavesham is an alluring, highly engaging and truly a celebrative feast for action movie lovers and is definitely a must watch in theatres. Aavesham is surely an Adrenaline rush experience, brimming with action and humour.

IMDb – 8.1/10

rediff – 3/5

Our Rating – 4/5

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