Best Way To Make Money Online 2021 – Assured $8 /₹600 a Month Doing Nothing

In the recent times of online jobs and work from home, people are looking for the best way to make money online. As the pandemic progressed so is our use of the internet, we all spend so much of our time behind screens, So I’ll be showing you a way in which you can turn that screen time into money.

We’ll be showing an Application called Brave Browser which we’ll be using to make our 8$ a month doing absolutely nothing.

What is Brave Browser

Brave is a privacy-focused web browser that is available in Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and IOS. Brave Browser is based on the chromium-browser engine (Browser is built with code from Google Chrome). Brave is made by the same team that is behind the CryptoCurrency BAT. Brave has several good features like tracking protection, ad blocking and several other security fixes that even chrome doesn’t yet have, they even went to the next level, writing an article stating why Brave is Better than Chrome.

Brave Rewards

Brave Browser has a feature called brave rewards in which brave users can earn BAT for viewing 3rd party ads. Brave serves only two types of ads, one is as a push notification with a title and a text with no image, and the other is a home page background. Brave gives 75% of the ad revenue for every ad viewed, and you can view a maximum of 5 ads per hour, up to 21 ads per day.

The ads are in no way linked to us and all brave users get the same ads. There is also an option to tip your brave rewards earnings to your favourite brave partnered creators.

Set Up Brave Rewards

Step 1: Download Brave and Install it.

Step 2: Open Brave and Select the Start using Rewards button, the steps are the same for both android and IOS

Step 3: Click on the triangle icon on the address bar and select the option, Reward Settings

Step 4: Scroll down and turn off auto contribute, else all your earnings will be automatically tipped to brave verified creators.

Your Brave rewards are now ready. During our use, we made 6 BAT in both our phone and PC that is around 1,500 Rupees or around 20 USD in a month.

Withdraw BAT from Brave

In PC, withdrawing BAT from brave is pretty simple, on the sixth day of every month your brave ad revenue will credit to your brave wallet, you can click verify wallet to transfer that BAT to your Uphold Wallet, from there you can transfer it directly to your bank account(Requires KYC verification).

In smartphone, it is a bit difficult as it requires a balance of 25 BAT to verify your wallet. There is a way you can get past this, I’ll be doing an article on that soon.

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