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How to Spot a Fake iPhone 6

Are you considering to buy an iPhone 6 from an unknown source? you must know these tips to make sure that the phone you’re getting your hands on is not a Fake iPhone 6.

99% of the iPhone clones run on a heavily skinned version of android which is made to look like the real deal, in this article I’m going to cover some tricks by which you can easily spot the difference and determine if it’s a clone or not.

Tip #1: Google Play Store

You guys already know that there is no google play store in an iPhone. Take the phone and search for Play Store in the apps list of your phone there is a likely chance that there will be no option even though it is a fake, now open the apple app store and see what pops up, if a google play store opens up instead of the apple app store it’s obviously a fake.

Play Store in an iPhone
Play Store in an iPhone

Tip #2 : Take a Screenshot

The first thought you’ll have is, how will a screenshot help detect a clone? If you take a screenshot on your android phone it will show up as a notification in your notification bar as “android system”, the same can be found on clone iPhone’s, most of the clones forget to fix this sort of minor details. So the steps to keep in mind are to take the screenshot and check the notifications and see the title of the screenshot and check if it says android system.

Android system notification in an iphone
Android system in an iPhone

Tip #3 : The Camera

Another quick way to find if an iPhone is a clone is to open the camera and switch between the different camera modes, such as portrait and square mode, in most clones all the different photo modes will probably look the same. and some clone’s will also ask to insert an SD card before taking a photo, iPhones don’t have SD card slots.

Camera of fake iphone
iPhone Camera

Tip #4 : Touch id

Touch id’s in most clone iPhone’s are decoys, they are there to just fooling someone into thinking it’s the real deal for long enough. If you enrol a finger in the touch id and use that finger to unlock, it will work, the thing you’ll take time to notice is that any finger you place on the touch id sensor will work and unlock your phone.

touch id of fake iphone
touch id of fake iPhone

watch our video on how to spot a fake iPhone 6

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