Ways Hackers Can Hack Your Facebook/Instagram Account

Without a doubt, Facebook is a monster when it comes to active audience, with more than 1.71 billion people logging onto The Social Network every month, making it easily the most widely used social networking site in the world. But along with that success and popularity comes the inevitable attention from hackers. Thousands of Facebook accounts get hacked every day, hacks that, in some cases, cause the user a whole range of problems given the amount of personal data that can be accessed and used against them.

Don’t become another victim to Facebook hacking. It’s vital you take action now, because if you don’t, you might well be next.

We’ll Show you the Top 10 methods hackers use to hack your Facebook account.

#1 Phishing

Phishing is the most common type of attack used for hacking Facebook accounts.There are different strategies for carrying out a phishing attack.

A basic phishing attack works like this. A hacker makes a fake Facebook login page which precisely resembles the genuine page. 

While looking out for the green lock on websites (https) is a good practice, in this modern times it can’t guarantee that the page is authentic.

A phishing page

#2 Keylogging

A keylogger is either a physical device or a software that records all your keystrokes and is sent to the hacker. Keylogging can be so dangerous that even a person with good knowledge of computers can fall for it. 

By Knowing these methods of hacking you can keep your account secure from some of these attacks.

You can reduce the risk of your account being hacked by enabling 2-Step Verification on both Facebook and Instagram