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How To Enable Dark Theme On Instagram, If You Don’t Have System Dark Mode

If You’re like me who is still looking for the toggle switch to enable dark theme on Instagram, you’ll be disappointed to find out that such a switch doesn’t exist.

So, how do you enable it, you have seen several people using it but don’t know how to enable it.

It’s almost been 6 months after Instagram officially released the dark theme on the Android platform. But Facebook played it differently by adjusting the Instagram theme with the system theme. So if your phones system doesn’t have a dark theme you couldn’t enable the dark theme.

Worry no more I’ll show you the ways you can activate dark theme on Instagram.

First and the indented way to do it is to go to your phones settings and search for dark theme, if you have one go ahead and enable it, your Instagram will also turn dark.

The other way is for the unlucky few those who doesn’t have the system dark theme option. You guys will have to download a 3rd party application from the playstore called Dark mode.

Click Here To Download Dark Mode

Click and install the app.

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Open the app and select dark mode, you’re Instagram will turn dark.

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Before and After

Share it with you friend who can’t get dark mode on Instagram. And don’t forget to turn on notification.