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Kerala Crime Files (2023) – A Fascinating Investigation Drama!! First Ever Malayalam Web Series Review!

Kerala Crime Files (KCF) is a multi-lingual web series released on 23rd June on Disney+ Hotstar and directed by Ahammed Khabeer. It comes under the Crime-Drama genre. The series is composed of 6 episodes, each having a duration of about 30 minutes. The story revolves around the investigation of a local lodge murder in Eranakulam. The top cast of this series includes Lal and Aju Varghese who plays the role of two police officers who investigate this murder.

Swapna, a sex worker is found dead in a Lodging and Shiju, the one who was with her is missing from the scenario. Suspicion arouses and eventually Shiju is considered to have commited the homicide. Shiju is a very ordinary man from the lower social class , but the police fails to track him easily.

The 6 episodes actually detail the 6 days of crime investigation and its aftermaths. Instead of the usual plot twist and turns in a crime drama, this series delivers the story to viewers quite decently. Through simple and accoustmed storyline, It helps every viewer to understand different stages of a case investigation with ease. KCF is quite engaging, as it makes audience feel that they are also a part of this investigation.

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Even though the plot is quite general, the entire making of this series and direction prove to be the best. Ahammed Khabeer has shown exceptional direction skills which can be seen specifically in each and every scene. Aju Varghese and Lal have also done their part very well. All the actors exhibited natural acting expertise and no scene was found to be unnatural. This series is an excellent display of Policemens’ life and how they manage both their families and duty efficiently. It also exhibits various emotions of happiness, confusion, stress etc. in the life of the cops admirably to the audience. KCF has also got a commendable production quality.

According to us, Kerala Crime Files is an ample crime drama which unfolds a way to be cognizant of day by day crime investigation of the police, making it slow paced upto an extent. It is a decent watchable drama and is quite worth watching.

IMDb – 7.4/10

The Week – 3.5/5

Our Rating – 3.5/5

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