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Refurbished Laptops- A New Budget Laptop Market for Students|Maximum Performance for Lowest Budget

We all know that being an undergraduate student requires a lot of self-learning practical knowledge and of course a lot of research and having a laptop is a necessity. In this era of high-end processors and feature-packed devices, finding the best device for your optimal use is an arduous task. Looking at the budget section, the laptops you may get may have a slow processor or be of low quality. This is where we take a peek into a section of laptops that mostly go unnoticed- the Refurbished laptops section.

Being an engineering student I was in desperate need of a laptop that would be at a price below 20,000 rupees and that’s when I stumbled upon this amazing Thinkpad T430 Laptop which was available at Amazon for around 19,000 rupees.

Refurbished Laptops

As we all know Thinkpads have a reputation of being extremely durable and portable and yes definitely worth the money. Oh, and who can forget the iconic track-point !!!

Refurbished Thinkpad Joystick

My Thinkpad T430 though came Refurbished with Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 office suite, and a 3rd gen intel core i7 processor which is surprisingly smooth on my device considering it has been almost a year after my purchase.

Refurbished ThinkPad Specifications and performance

Though not as smooth as the new high-end models available in the market right now, the refurbished laptop section should be the place to look for budget-friendly devices, especially if you are a student who just needs a laptop to help them through their school, college, or university. Company refurbished certified laptops like these can run software like AutoCAD pretty smoothly.

Though beware of certain things when you are buying a refurbished Laptop or any device for that matter. Be sure to stick with sites like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart (2GUD), etc who feature certified Refurbished products and sellers. It’s better to stay away from sketchy third-party sites. Also, do your homework on which device you want to select for your optimal use. And finally, buy devices with come with a warranty as these are refurbished products.

amazon renewed
flipkart refurbished

The refurbished laptop section is a section that goes unnoticed most of the time, but when you come to think of it, having a good device with excellent specs, even though a little old and refurbished is very much better than buying a cheap laptop with moderate specs and low quality. And when you are getting a laptop from a reputed company like Lenovo, it’s an absolute steal.

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